What to Avoid in College graduate cover letter?

By | September 5, 2020

Specially, cover letter is the big opportunities for college graduates to prove themselves as an excellent candidate. Meanwhile, new college graduate has no any job experiences and challenging to stand with the experiences candidate. Thespan class=”surefore, new college graduate must focus on preparing the application letter. New fresher covering letter must contain their skills, ability as the hiring manager wants for their organization. College graduate cover letter is the sole method to gain the attention from the hiring manager.  And College graduate cover letter helps to explain employee uniqueness and reveals that fresher are more preferable than the experience candidate. 

College graduates are the individual who had just successfully got their diploma or degree from the college and university. After completing the initial course from the university, they are now come out to the real world. In this phase, each college graduate might be wondering about finding the job and get settle as soon as possible. They might have planned previously graduating from the colleges as they will find the job and settle quickly. When they face outer world they might not get as they had planned. Reality is different from our expectation and acquiring employment is not as simple as we plan. You are not only college graduates as there are massive numbers of graduates who are ready to compete with you. Everyone is preparing their cover letter and curriculum vitae to prove themselves as an eligible candidate for certain job post.

What to avoid in College graduate cover letter

Cover letter is the letter or document which speaks a lot about employee profession and qualification history. Cover letter is the great platform for each candidate who is seeking for the certain job post in certain organization. Everyone is alert that hiring manager always gives priority to experiences candidate while hiring the job seeker for the organization.  Meanwhile, they want experienced candidate because experienced applicant can work smoothly and effectively without guideline.


What is a College graduate cover letter

College graduate cover letter is the application letter which is written by newly degree holder graduate to hunt the job. College graduate should make effort on their cover letter effectively to raise the probability of winning the employment. Two types of college graduate are there in world one who writes cover letter carelessly and one taking advice from the superior. College graduate who write the application letter recklessly will have less chances to win the employment. Meanwhile, college graduate who take some suggestion from experienced one will have greater chance to get job in reputed organization. College graduate should take some knowledge or suggestion of the application letter while preparing cover letter. New graduate receive detail about application letter with help of website, YouTube and get some tips from expertise.

The following are the methods to write the perfect new fresher graduate application letter effectively:

1.      Research

  • Research about company culture, vision, goal and tailor that with your career goal
  • Rule out the employment specification to verify what types of employee they want for their organization
  • Enlist your skills which is competent for the job position and which is assets for organization


2.      Instructions

  • Look for instruction like where to dispatch or mail the application letter
  • Instruction includes submit a cover letter through email, mail, or direct to the organization
  • To identify this types of instruction make a call in organization or go through company website


3.      Application letter structure

  • Select the suitable fresher application letter format to influence the organization director
  • Focus on margin, spacing and font while writing the application letter


4.      Header

  • Include your name, phone number, email address city and date
  • New fresher must write your LinkedIn profile in the header.
  • Header also contain the recipient address or hiring manager contact information


5.      Greet and introduce

  • Greet the director like Dear[ hiring manager name]
  • Give a brief introduction about yourself and verify the post applicants are seeking for
  • Underline your motive and interest while seeking for the employment post


6.      Explain your educational background and your fitness for the employment position

  • Career graduate cover letter should contain the education information as fresher are recently passed their examination from the university
  • Highlight what, where, when you study and mention your academic achievement and scoring like [GPA-3.23]
  • Provide a short description about your educational background that is relevant for the employment post
  • Match your ability and education with the vacant position to prove your eligibility for the job post.


7.      Ask for an interview and follow up

  • At the last steps of your cover letter, ask the interviewer for the meeting for additional information about candidate eligibility
  • Show some initiation saying that the applicant will review result with call and email whether you will call for meeting or not.


8.      Express gratitude

  • End the letter by showing your honor towards the director for allocating their valuable time and for consideration


Things to avoid when writing new degree holder application letters

As the college graduates are new to the cover letter, they made many mistake while writing the application letter. The small mistake makes the big variation in the selection process. College graduate might lose the job opportunities as fresher are not aware what to avoid in the covering letter. Therefore, the lists below are explained what to avoid while writing the new graduate student application letter:

1.      Excessive use of ‘I’

  • Use of ‘I’ should be limited as college graduates must apply it in necessary area
  • ‘I’ should be used when applicant require to make themselves a qualified applicant for the advertised job post
  • Use ‘I’ for explaining your skill and aptitude which will prove that fresher are assets for the organization


2.      Irrelevant information

  • Review the employment specification and avoid irrelevant information
  • Outline the relevant information which is reasonable for the open job vacancy
  • If application letter contain unrealistic details, hiring manager thinks that applicant acquire no sense about formulating the application letter
  • Hiring manager gets bad impression about the candidate.


3.      False information

  • College graduate lie to the director in hope that applicant will win the job competition
  • College graduates get stuck and place bad impression on the eye of hiring manager when they find out real facts.
  • For example some of college graduate lie about their qualification, experiences and training to employed as early as possible


4.      No organization’s Information

  • College graduates give higher priority to the qualification, skills and avoid the organization information
  • When college graduate avoid organization information, Hiring manager understand that candidate are not fascinated in the organization


5.      Long paragraph

  • Long paragraph are the commonly mistake done by the graduates as fresher applicant are new to fresher application letter
  • Candidate make fresher application letter like story including unnecessary details about your education, career and achievement
  • This reflect that college graduate has no skills of controlling application letter and not good to differentiate relevant information


6.      Grammar or Spelling mistake

  • Grammar and spelling is also the mistake they usually make while writing new graduate application letter
  • If you made mistake in grammar and spelling, they will understand that fresher applicant are inattentive and careless about cover letter
  • So check your grammar and spelling to provide good impression that you value your application letter


7.  Not rechecking

  • A minor mistake will keeps you apart from winning the job position
  • Recheck college graduate cover letter twice, thrice and frequently to avoid error
  • You can refer family member or friend to check covering letter for error or any mistake

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Example of application letter for newly graduate applicants

Sample new graduate application letter

Your name

City, ZIP code
Phone number

Date: Day/Date/Year

director name
Recruitment Manager
Company name
town, ZIP code
Mobile number

Email address

                                                 Subject: approaching for the System Administrator post

Dear Mrs. (hiring manager name)

My name is (your name). I have write down this letter as I see your announcement for the HR assistant on your organization website. My passionate and interest in this employment post as my qualifications and skills matches job description. I am pleased to reflect a short summary of my qualification and aptitude for your consideration.

I receive my business certificate from (university name) in (date). And I am fresher in the employment industry and am eagerly searching for the opportunities to enter into the working environment. My university makes me able to attempt activities like Process new hire paperwork, Screen job applications, Coordinate orientation, conducting background check. My educational knowledge and degree are good to follow the regulation on maintaining confidential document of employee. And My knowledge in HR practice helps me to build my skills and abilities that act as assets to your company. My skills which help in contribution are Communication Skill, Organizational Skills, Integrity, Word processing skills, Presentation skills, Flexibility, and Positive attitude. My working way makes me different from the other job seeker as I am fine to work under pressure, handle the difficult situation with patience


I have bounded my biodata for your consideration. I show my gratitude for giving your valuable period for my application letter. And I feel blessed and honor to have an interview meeting. I am waiting for your call and your positive responses.

your name

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