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By | July 28, 2020

Writting best cover letter examples for university typist. The meaning of the typist is the person who is responsible for completing typing tasks, editing work, and audio transcripts. Typist is the occupation in which individuals creates electronic or hard-copy typed documents from the audio transcript or voice recorder according to the need of the organization. Typist uses their typing skills and hires him/her as an employer in a specific organization. 

Typists are also known as typewriters, keyboarders, key pounder, word processor, and teletyper. An individual has to complete a high school diploma related to computer experience and should have tying certificate while joining the organization as an employer.

Some of the companies also ask for the experience letter before joining their company. They have the responsibility to perform clerical work, typing related task and need to record the important information of the organization effectively accurately.

University Typist

As the advancement of technologies, typists can use the internet to do the typist work at home. Organizations don’t hire the employer; instead, they permit them to apply the internet to do the job. This kind of facility is crucial for the student, parents, and person with a busy schedule.

There are different types of typist according to their function, and they are listed below:

Audio Typist

  • Typist specialized who translate audio source into the typing text
  • Dictaphone is used as audio sources
  • By using Dictaphone, one person speaks with typists and typist had to type it
  • The person guide the typist when he is typing for example, where to start a new sentence, new paragraph, where to place pause and where to stop and so on
  • Typist feels easy and comfortable while typing because there won’t be a mistake of grammar, new paragraphs etcetera as a person is dictating for you.


  • Typist who has the similar roles like the audio typist but differ in the audio resources.
  • In these types, typist use recording as an audio resource.
  • They type according to the recording of the person voices instead of dictation.
  • Person in the recording guide the typist with the grammar, paragraphing,
  • While doing their job they should be in a quiet place to avoid some error in the typing
  • There may be the more than the one speaker so be alert to change the line when there is change in voice of speaker.
  • You can work in home by downloading the recording
  • The transcription includes Interview transcription recording meetings, interviews, phone conversations and so on
  • Recording has the um’s and ah’s to give some time to the typist for the easy reference to the recording


Medical Audio Typist/Medical Secretary

  • Medical audio typist usually work for the medical organization like hospital and health center
  • They are responsible to type clinical letters and dictation for the patients’ appointments, tests, procedures and operations.
  • They also receive calls for the doctors and types file letters, diary management, non-standard letters, adding new patients name on the list and removing the old patients name from the list, and job requirements and so on.
  • Medical audio typist has the specialist knowledge and education about the Medical transcription and can easy handle the problems of the organization.
  • They mainly uses the audio medical transcription which is affordable cost


Copy Typist

  • Copy typist has its meaning in their own name.
  • A copy typist is responsible to type the text from reading source.
  • Every types of the typists must have the touch type skills to perform effectively
  • Touch type is the way of typing without looking the keyboard which makes your work even faster and easy
  • They look to the resources like document, writing or notes from where they have to copy it into the hard copy typed document.
  • Many of them prefer these types of the typist because they just need to copy it from some sources.



  • stenographeris the types of typist who works in the court.
  • They are responsible to type what was discussing in the court by using the special machine.
  • A stenographer is also known as the court reporter
  • An official transcript was prepared by the stenographer by using the different types of devices such as voice writing equipment, keyboard machine and shorthand.
  • They usually work with the local government, law firms, local council meetings and other official department.

Clerk typist

  • Clerk typist has the many names like general office clerk, typist and typing clerk.
  • They perform the tasks like editing many documents, produce report, typing presentation and correspondence, and perform various word processing works.
  • They also perform extra organization duties as they are assigned by the organization.
  • Engage in employment in the various types of the organization such as university, hospitals, government offices, various business organization, and law department and so on.


Roles and responsibility of the typists

The following are some of the roles and responsibility of the typists which is needed to work in the organization as an employer:          


  • To analyze the requirements of the typing task.
  • To complete all transcriptions in the given time and accurate fashion
  • Submit the complete transcription or document in an clear format
  • In the case of transcription work, Make sure the safety of the original audio copy
  • To type reports, financial statements, medical records, correspondence, accounting vouchers, tabulations and case histories.
  • To design and compose form letters
  • Provide information about the rules, regulations and procedures of the department to the customer
  • To take the information from the applicants and fills their details in the forms
  • To maintain the financial and cost records, personnel records, accounting, reports posts payroll and other important documents
  • Supervise and assign the small team who are employed in the typing job
  • To use the terminal keyboard and computer to transfer data from paper formats into digital files or database systems

University Typist Skill

Typists should have some of the skills related to the typing which can make a great contribution to the organization.

  • Excellent English language skills
  • Attentive in typing and avoid errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Be able to complete work before the deadlines
  • Confidentiality
  • Handle multiple projects with patience
  • Adequate knowledge of word processing equipments and spreadsheets
  • Extra computer training or certification
  • Reading and listening skills
  • Fast typing skills
  • Able to understand English language and grammar
  • Team leader
  • Communication skills as they have to work together with other employer
  • Professional knowledge in word processing software
  • Able to type clearly and effectively the necessary companies’ document, report, correspondence and record.
  • Passionate, motivated and contribute the organization


University typists are one of the typists uses various devices for typing the report, meeting record, students report, document, staff record in the university. There are good scopes for the university typist as the university has many document related works which will easily handle by the typist.

There are many typists in the industry making it hard to get a job. Cover letter examples for university typist are very essential that each university typist should go through it before writing a cover letter for university typist. To make the good cover letter for this job, you have to take reference from cover letter examples for university typist.

Cover letter examples for university typist give you the guidance about the cover letter format for university typist. Cover letter examples for university typist also provide you with the concept about what to include in the cover letter for the university typist.


How do you write a cover letter for university admissions?

Cover letter for university admission is the cover letter written by the student who had to finish the school and wants to get admission in the reputed university in the certain faculty.

Each student has to write a cover letter for university admission if they are planning to graduate from the reputed university. Cover letter for university admission helps to make eligible for the students for reflecting their worthiness to join the university.

The following are the components you should include in the cover letter for the university admission:

Address your cover letter

  • Addressing is the first and foremost step in any types of cover letter.
  • Addressing is very crucial as it reflects your identity.
  • Start with your contact details like your full name and address properly at the top of your cover letter for university admission
  • Also, include your phone number or email address after the name and address to facilitate university to reach you.
  • For example: [Your name]

                                              [Your address]

                                              [Your city, state and zip code]

                                              [Your phone number]

                                              [Your email address]

Places the date

  • The second step of the cover letter for university admission is writing the date.
  • It is the method to make your cover letter for university admission more professional and formal.
  • It alerts the reader that in which date you have send this cover letter to them
  • For example:[Date]


University detail

  • University detail is the third step which helps to make cover letter more compelling and personalized
  • It is the best way to make the cover letter for university admission professional and formal
  • It makes your cover letter for university admission more effective, attractive and clear.
  • You Have to include College detail in Proper Order to produce your cover letter ideal.
  • The correct order of university detail is name of recipient, Department name, University name, University address, University city, state then zip code, University email address and University phone number
  • You may include some additional university details such as university contact number and email id.
  • For example: [Name of recipient]

                                              [Department name]

                                              [University name]

                                              [University school address]

                                              [University City, state and zip code]

                                              [University phone number]

                                              [University email address]

  • If you have no idea about the university detail then make a call to university and ask for some information about university.


Greeting or salutation

  • Just to start the cover letter seems less formal and professional cover letter for the university admission.
  • In this step, individual prefer to use personal greeting to make easy starting of the cover letter for university admission.
  • Dear is one of the easiest and mostly used personal salutations while writing the various types of cover letter.
  • Reader name should be written after mentioning the dear if you familiar with the name.
  • If you don’t know the recipient name then address your cover letter to Head of Department, To Whom It May Concern, Head of Admissions and Graduate Coordinator
  • For example: Dear [recipient’s name]:


Introduce yourself

  • Now, here the 1st paragraph of cover letter for university admission begins.
  • You should give short and relevant information about yourself in the cover letter for university admission.
  • Introduction includes your name, your academic background, and your academic achievement.
  • Expand your academic history and accomplishments until now like your school name, your GPA scores, your subjects and your performance and so on.
  • Show your passion, enthusiasm, interest and your aims towards applying cover letter in the specific university for admission.
  • Make your introductory part clear, direct, understandable and brief.


Explain the target of yours behind applying to this university

  • The second paragraph includes the detail explanation about your intention to join the university program.
  • Also explain your interest and your eagerness to join the university.
  • Explain your academic qualification, transferrable skills and experience to prove that you are fitted for specific graduate program.
  • Make them clear that you are eligibility and strong enough to join the university and can benefit the university.
  • Give your reason for making decision to join the university such as university popularity, success history, good services and facilities which attract you towards them.


End the cover letter for university admission

  • Finish your letter in the last line, by thanking the reader.
  • Show your gratitude for the giving their important time and consideration for your cover letter for university admission.
  • Reflect your interest and initiation for the response to your cover letter, for example, I am waiting for your positive response.
  • Say that you will be available at any time if they require more information about you or you can say contact me for additional information.
  • After the last paragraph of your cover letter, write ‘thank you’ to make cover letter more formal and professional.
  • Finally close your cover letter for university admission by professional salutation like Warm Regards, Sincerely.
  • Then place your name below the closing salutation.


How do you write an enclosure on a cover letter?

In simple term, enclosure means state of closing in the qualitative way. When enclosure is relating to the letter, it means attaching something extra in the letter as reflecting the important message when sending to the receiver. The meaning of the Enclosure in the cover letter is the information of the additional documents that you have attach with your cover letter. It is placed at the end of your cover letter.


Many of you ignore to enclose the cover letter but it’s important. Hiring manager is expecting this from each applicant as it helps them to recognize your document easily. Hiring manager appreciates your cover letter as unique and you might impress him/her by enclosing your cover letter.


After your cover letter closing, it is the smart way to include your important documents like resume, school transcripts, certificates, letter of recommendation, essays and any written tests related with the job application.


The following are the ways to write an enclosure on a cover letter:


  • Make a plan which document you must include in the cover letter
  • List down document which is relevant with the application letter.
  • You may include more than the one additional document according to the demands of the organization.
  • At the end part of your letter, give double space after your name in the cover letter.
  • Start with typing “Enclosure:” for one documents and “Enclosures:”for more than one documents
  • Some of the applicants also use “Encl.:”
  • Now, add the necessary document that is relevant for your cover letter.
  • Each one of your documents covers the one line in your cover letter. It means if there are three enclosures you need four lines in your cover letter.
  • Reread the each documents thoroughly to avoid some minor spelling mistakes.
  • Some sample of writing enclosure are listed below:

                Right way to write enclosure: Enclosures:


                                                                      Application form

                                                                      Letter of recommendation

                                                                      School transcripts

Wrong-way to write enclosure: Enclosures: 3(Resume, Application form, Letter of recommendation)                                                                                                                                     

How do you write an application letter for the post of a typist

How do you write an application letter for the post of a typist?

Before writing the cover letter for the typist, go once to the “cover letter examples for university typist” in the website. A cover letter example for university typist is very essential for every typist to get a job in the post of the typist. Cover letter example for university typist helps you to provide a format to make you ease to write the cover letter for a typist. A cover letter example for university typist also makes you clear about what should you to include with your cover letter.


The following are the method to write an application for the post of a typist:


Research the brief information about company and advertised job posting

  • Research gives you some information about the company and post you are applying for
  • You should do research to analyze your eligibility for the post of typist.
  • Research gives you chance to match your skills with the requirement of the company.
  • You will get more familiar with the company and the given post which makes you comfortable and ease while writing cover letter for typist.
  • Find out what skills, qualification and experience they want in the post of typist to include in your cover letter for typist.
  • Also be familiar with organization goals, popularity, value, culture and protocol in their web page.
  • It somehow increases your confidence level while writing the cover letter for the typist.


Applicant contact information

  • It is the first steps in the cover letter of the typist.
  • Applicant contact information is placed at the top of the cover letter.
  • Applicant contact information helps to make a formal and professional cover letter for the typist.
  • It should be placed in the correct order
  • Applicant contact information includes name, address, phone number and email.
  • This information helps the hiring manager to contact you if you are eligible for the post of the typist.
  • For example:

 [Your name]


                       [City, ZIP code]





  • They might get confused with the outdated cover letter if you don’t place the date.
  • It is also one way to make it professional and formal.
  • You should write date when you are planning to send it to the hiring manager.
  • It is written after the applicant contact information.
  • For example: Monday, June 30, 2020


Organization detail

  • Some of the applicants don’t focus on the organization information but you must include organization information.
  • It gives good image and impresses the hiring manager as it proves that you have done research in the organization.
  • Its role is to make cover letter for typist more professional, compelling and personalized.
  • Include detail by maintaining the correct order.
  • Organization detail includes hiring manager name, title of the job, company name, address
  • You may also include the phone number and email id of the company.
  • For example: [Name of hiring manager]

                                [Job title of the hiring manager]

                         [Company name]


                          [City, ZIP code]

                          [Phone number]

                          [Email address]


Salutation or greeting

  • Start the cover letter for a typist with greeting and salutation.
  • Greeting makes you comfortable and easy to start the cover letter for the typist.
  • It makes your cover letter for typist more formal and professional
  • Most of the applicants prefer similar salutation for their cover letter such as Dear.
  • After dear list the name of the hiring manager.
  • If you have no ideas about the name then make a call and ask for the name of the hiring manager.
  • For example [Dear Mrs. hiring manager name] or [Dear hiring manager]


Introduction about the candidate

  • Now, the cover letter for typist begins with the introduction of the candidate.
  • In this paragraph, include your name, academic history, your achievement and performance in the academy.
  • You can also go through your interest in this post and state how you know about the vacant post.
  • Take their attention towards you by showing your interest, passion, enthusiasm for the post of the typist.
  • Give a short brief about your skills and qualification for the post of the typist.
  • Give your idea that you think you are quiet enough match for the post of the typist.
  • Provide short information if you have worked in the other organization previously.


Skills and qualification of the candidate relevant for the advertized post

    • This is the paragraph from where they verify whether to select you or not.
    • You should prepare this part perfectly to address your skills and experiences.
    • Explain your skills and qualification which match the needs of the post of the typist.
  • Explain the additional skills which are very essential in every kinds of professional like communication skills, management skills, team player, work in pressure, accept challenges and so on.
  • Not only state the skills but also state the action in which you have applied it.
  • If you have experience in the previous job, state your achievement and action which you can apply in this organization for its growth and development.
  • If you state your experience, skills and qualification in an effective way then you have the possibility to win the vacant post.


End the cover letter for typist

  • After you finish the body part, be sincere to thanks the hiring manager for giving some time for your cover letter for a typist.
  • Show your eagerness, interest, and enthusiasm to listen the responses from the hiring manager.
  • State that you are always ready to provide them additional information about your skills and qualification.
  • Say that you are hoping to have an interview with the hiring manager.
  • End the cover letter for typist by saying thank you!
  • Lastly mention sincerely followed by your name
  • For example: sincerely

                        [Candidate name]

Examples for University Typist Cover Letter

Cover Letter Examples for University Typist

University Typist Cover Letter

Applicant name
City, ZIP code
Phone number

Date: July 30, 2020

hiring manager name
job title of hiring manager
Company name
city, ZIP code
Phone number

Subject: Application for the position of typist

Dear Mrs. (hiring manager name)

My name is (your name). I noticed your advertisement for the typist position and am writing this application letter to show my interest in the typist position. I have recently graduated with my high school diploma from (name of university) and acquired a GPA of 3.30. I also have my typing certificate, and I know about the touch type.

I am very much interested in this job as I am motivated and passionate in this profession since childhood. I love to spend my time on the computer by typing. I think my skills, experience, qualifications perfectly match the job description for the post of typists according to the demand of the organization.

I have my previous experience working in the university as a university typist. I got chances to learn lots of skills from my senior typists. There are many works of document like university documents and material, including reports, and policies and so on which is related to the typing tasks in the university.

I can finish my tasks before the deadline as I have completed all my transcriptions like typing tasks, accounting vouchers, editing work, and correspondence at the given time in my previous job. I got chances to type the important documents like examination report and record of the students, adding the new student name list and recording the graduating students’ names.

I also get chances to do data entry and retrieval tasks. I use my touch-type skills to perform tasks effectively, efficiently, and smoothly without harming the university’s operation. I transfer data from paper formats written in the meeting of the students and the teacher into digital files or database systems.

I have developed my skills from my previous job and made me worthy of the post of the typist. Typing skills and qualification is not enough for the post of a typist. So I have successfully developed my additional skills which are listed below:

  • I had to Improve my English language and made excellent use of my typing job.
  • I made myself sensitive towards typing errors like grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • I give my full attention to why typing to avoid mistake
  • I have communication skills as I have to communicate with a different employer like teacher, principal, a manager in the university while performing my job.
  • I keep all the documents Confidentially 
  • I can maintain patience while typing an important document in a limited amount of time.
  • Extra computer training or certification 
  • Touch-type of skills
  • Adequate knowledge in word processing software
  • Clear, understandable, effective typing 
  • Passionate and motivated about the typing job.
  • Decision-making skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Work in pressure

My resume is attached to this letter, which provides additional detailed information about my education, experience, and educational experience. If I get opportunities to work in the university as a typist, I will work with my interest, enthusiasm, and motivation.

I am very grateful for your consideration of my cover letter for the typist. Thank you for giving your valuable time with my cover letter for university typist. I shall give a phone call to your university office next week for further clarification. I am eagerly waiting for your positive responses.


Sincerely yours,
Applicant name

Cover Letter Examples for University Typist

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