Industrial Engineering Cover letter Example

By | January 18, 2021

Industrial Engineering refers to the engineering profession in which the engineers create, maintain, manage, arrange, and develop the system in such a way to enhance the quality of the product. They work for the overall development of a product, machines, equipment, and the manpower of the organization. Moreover, an industrial engineer ensures the proper functioning of the technology and production machinery. They aid in the smooth running of the business activities of a company. As an industrial, you will require developing and implementing process improvements and upgrade the technology.

Since every business operates with the support of technology and heavy machinery, there is a vital role of an industrial engineer for its success. Furthermore, not only the engineers but also the employees from other departments also should coordinate as a team to identify the technical issues. For the production process, the engineers design the system to increase the efficiency of the machines. They also support to minimize waste products, which reduce the chance of unnecessary expenses during the production of a product. Similarly, the industrial engineer should train and instruct the employees to operate advanced and heavy machines.

Industrial Engineering Cover letter Example

Duties and Responsibilities of an industrial engineering

For the success of a business organization, it is very important to complete every duty and responsibility properly and effectively. A habit of doing careless in work performance may lead to low productivity, which in return, creates a business loss. Hence, if you want to enhance the business profit, then you must make hard efforts to lead your business to the next level. Moreover, there is high competition in the market regarding the brand and quality of the products. You will find a number of industries producing similar products and competing in the market. Thus, to sustain your business, specific business strategies should be formulated and implemented to gain immediate improvement.

The duties and roles of an industrial engineering job have been listed below:

  • Identify the technical issues and provide quick response for the solution
  • Perform various developing activities for the enhancement of the production capacity
  • Coordinate with all the departments to find out the defects in system
  • Create system process and ensure proper functioning of all the systems
  • Preparing production reports and upgrading latest technologies
  • Cooperating with the management and users for developing design and standard of production
  • Maximizing production efficiency and minimizing the waste
  • Reviewing overall production process from production to the delivery of the product to its customers
  • Maintaining strong relation with the customers and communication necessary product information
  • Find out the design and quality of the product to deliver more efficiency
  • Support to make financial planning and cost analysis more efficient

What are the qualities of an industrial engineering?

Quality refers to the character of an individual which shows the personality, behave, attitude and perfection. An ideal employee should be very sincere and reliable towards their employers. Furthermore, he or she needs to show loyalty and contribute for the development of the company. The employers are concerned about the personality of their employees. The qualities matter to them; hence only the employee with expected qualities is hired by the employers. Therefore, a decent candidate especially seeking for an industrial engineering jobs should possess the following described qualities:-


One of the qualities an industrial engineer should have is creativeness. As the engineers are involved in designing the new production process, they should be creative to develop standard quality and unique products than other company’s product. They require making of the product keeping in mind the waste of materials, time, more labors and quality of the product.


Good listener

Besides solving the technical and manufacturing issues, an industrial engineer also should listen to the customer’s feedback, vendors, and the production staffs. It lets them to identify the problems and creates an easy way to provide the solutions. Hence, it is vital to develop good listening skills for well-functioning of daily operation.


Numerical expertise

Since the engineers use different numerical methods to analyze and solve the problems, they should have good knowledge of math. Principles of calculus, trigonometry, and other different mathematics methods are used for solving the issues raised.


Problem solving

The engineers are responsible for solving the problems occurred in every department. From technical to production, they have their duty to fix it and allow the company functions well. Additionally, the development of the business also depends on the engineers of that organization as every system works and gets controlled by them.


Good communicator

During the course of the operation period, sometimes an industrial engineer needs to communicate the instructions and ways of operating the machines to the production staff. To consume valuable time and enhance the coordination among the team members, an engineer should require instructing them verbally.



As an industrial engineer, you will have to prepare the documents and reports of every production activity made. It is essential to prepare a written document for future use. Such reports allow the management for taking future decisions. Hence, it should be made correctly.

What are the skills of an industrial engineer?

Doing the jobs of an industrial engineer is not an easy task as you will require several skills to complete the assigned task effectively and accurately. Normally, the average pay scale of an industrial engineer depends upon their working period and experience as follows:-

  • An entry-level industrial engineer with less than 1 year of experience earns $61,439
  • An early career industrial engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns $66,408
  • A mid-career industrial engineer with 5-9 years of experience earns $77,916
  • An experienced Industrial Engineer with 10-19 years of experience earns $85,099
  • And above 20 years of experience earns $88,745

Some skills required to become a professional industrial engineer are mentioned below:-

  • Teamwork

Since the business can move ahead in the market with the support of its employees, and industrial engineers should have teamwork skills. Working in a team will promote the working performance of the team member as well as maintain good relation among them. Teamwork also increases the production capacity of an organization.


  • Continuous learning

As the nature of an engineer is curious, they have a habit of learning and understanding new things. Moreover, the technology is dynamic which can get change anytime. Thus, an industrial engineer should keep themselves up to date with the latest change or launch of the technology. It helps them to provide assistance to the management through the adaption of the new technology.


  • Analytical ability

The engineers of a company are the problem solvers. They identify the problems and use various techniques to solve them. So, to find the right solutions to the problems they require thinking analytically. They should choose the best alternative from other alternatives and reduce the risks in the operation.


  • Detail-oriented

The engineers are the destroyer of the issues occurred in an industry. They understand even a small error can lead to a big issue. Hence, an engineer is always concerned about even the small mistake or error made in the system. Such errors may create obstacles in the regular functioning of the system, malfunction of system and even fail the structure.


  • Leadership

Leadership is also the skill of an industrial engineer. To have a speedy and smooth function, an engineer may instruct and order the employees. For this, they should have leading capability so that all the team members work as per his instructions and increase the productivity of the industry.


  • Communication skills

A good communicator helps the industry to flow relevant and true information. Being skilled with proper communication skills, an industrial engineer should communicate about the functioning of the machines and their ways of operation. The staffs may not be familiar in using such machines, so an engineer should carry the responsibility to make them proficient with the effective communication of information.


Industrial Engineering Cover letter Example


Industrial Engineering Cover letter

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(Today’s Date)

Dear Hiring Manager,

I express my excitement to apply for the position of an Industrial Engineer in the reputed company like yours. This position will allow me to utilize my skills and knowledge for the betterment of the company. I am extremely industrious worker and understand the value of planning and execution of system for the smooth running of the organizational activities.

With more than 10 years of experience in ABC Company has enhanced my ability to make an effective system process and implement the created system for promoting the production efficiency. Moreover, I have a keen interest in identifying the problems of the system and deliver quick assistance for each raised problem. I believe working in a team and finding the solutions and sharing the ideas to generate new system to cope with the latest produced products in the market.

My experience allows me to enhance my communication skills which are very important for every business company. Similarly, I have gained more skills through my contribution to solve different manufacturing and technical problems. As a result of my efforts, I have successfully increased the ability of ABC Company to extract the petroleum and reduce its production costs.

Thank you for your consideration and I would appreciate if we could discuss about my skills in further meetings. I would be very grateful to become the member of the family and I believe my efforts will certainly bring positive changes in your company.

Name of the applicant
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