Dog Walker Cover Letter Writing Guide and Sample

By | September 16, 2020

Some of you might be wondering that you have never heard about the dog walker cover letter. It’s an interesting and passionate profession which doesn’t require the educational qualification. Instead of qualification experiences matter a lot in the dog walker profession.  Everyone loves the dog and end up rearing the more than one dog. They got themselves into the problem handling the more than one dog without the leashes. Some of the dog owners take care of their own dog by themselves however many of us hire the dog walker. People hire dog walker because they have a tight schedule and busy with their career life. There are lots of people who are fond of dogs and end up sending their dog walker cover letter to the dog owner.

A Dog Walker

A dog walker should spend at least 20 minutes and about 3 to 4 times per day during their working hour.  In overall, dog walker should get into their job about 8 hours every day with the dogs. Dog walker working hour may differ as per the dog’s types, size and medical condition. Professional dog-walker starts their work with the dog home and end up returning a dog to the owner. There are usually two kinds of a dog walker.  One of them prefers many dogs to a walk at the same time whereas others prefer only one dog in one time.

Dog walker job is not easy to hunt. As there are huge competitions and not require any learning qualification. A dog walker is a person who walks with the dog or number of dogs. Dog owner cares about their dogs. Therefore, they hire a licensed power dog walker.  They look for the applicant who is able to give the first cure to their dog.

How to write a good Dog walker cover letter Step by step

Dog Walker Cover Letter Writing Guide and Sample

A dog walker should go through the advertisement to get a dog walker job. They can get an advertisement in the newspaper or any other medium. They have to prepare a good cover letter. Dog walker cover letter is the letter that gives detail about the experiences and skills. A cover letter helps to employ a manager to select the employer. A dog owner is more sensitive towards dogs food, exercise and loneliness. You need to write the cover letter in such a way which makes you a relevant candidate for the job walker position. Good cover letter attracts the employing manager. Meanwhile, it helps them to hire the right candidate for the position. The lists below are the easy way that helps you to write the effective cover letter for the job post:

1.      Address candidates contact information in the dog walker cover letter

Your dog walker cover letter should be started with your contact details. Applicant contact details include their name, address, phone number and email. These contact details have a greater role in the dog walker cover letter. Many candidates do not focus on the contact details and miss the employing director call which was for the further selection procedure. Furthermore, you need to make the cover letter more formal by placing your contact information to make the first impression. The first impression will be your last impression. Employing director scan your cover letter even faster after he/she notice your cover letter is missing with the contact details.

Mention your contact detail at the top of the cover letter is not enough as you also must recheck your contact detail. Everyone makes a mistake when it comes to placing the phone number in a cover letter. Moreover, give the correct full name, email and address to avoid any error.

For example Your name


                        City, ZIP code



2.      Mention the date in the covering letter

Again, the next important step is to mention the date in your professional dog walker cover letter. Candidate should write the submission date in the dog walker cover letter. The date depends on when you will submit the cover letter to the employing director. If you forgot to write a date in a cover letter then employing director might confuse your cover letter with a previous cover letter. Check once an application for the date whether you mention the wrong day, month and year or not.

For instance: Sunday, September 14, 2020

3.      Address the employing manager information in the application letter

Addressing the employing director contact information has become the compulsory component which should be involved in the cover letter. Jobseeker has to take out their time to search the employing director contact details. Furthermore, contact details contain the employing director name, job title, and address.

For example Name of employing director

                        Job title

                        Organization name


                        City, ZIP code

4.      Greet the employing manager

Make the simple greeting towards the employing manager before starting the introduction body part in the dog walker cover letter. Dear is the one and only greeting option used by all the candidates while writing the dog walker cover letter. Dog walker cover letter is the professional letter so the use of dear salutation is very essential. Just after the dear doesn’t forget to write the employing manager name.

For instance: Dear Mrs. employing manager name

                        Dear employing manager (if you don’t know the name)

5.      Begin the dog walker application letter with a brief introduction

Firstly, introduce yourself with your name in the introduction section of your dog walker application letter. Afterwards, mention how you came to know about the advertisement for the position of a dog walker. Moreover, add some reason behind applying for the dog walker position in this organization. The introduction part should be amazing and attractive which should have the power to successfully impress the employing manager.  If the introduction part went well then the employing manager gives more time to your cover letter to understand about your skills and experiences. Applicant must shortly clarify that applicants’ aptitude is similar to a job description that employing manager has posted for a dog walker.

6.      Give the relevant and reliable prove why you are a unique and eligible dog walker

Every dog walker applicant has the same quality after all. However, employing manager wants to hire the extraordinary candidate who has the extra capacity and quality from the beyond usual competitor. Therefore, you should prove yourself that you have the unique skills and aptitude which make you the right candidate for the dog walker position. Meanwhile, focus on the job description that the employing manager had advertised recently for the dog walker. And list your skills and qualifications which qualify you for the dog walker position perfectly.  Furthermore, give a brief description of your skills and qualification which makes the employing manager clear about your skills. On the other hand, it also supports employing manager for easy decision making in regard to select the right candidate. Lastly, check this paragraph for any grammar error and irrelevant information.

7.      Talk about your past experiences and interest in dog walker position

Simply, talk about your past experiences if you have ever worked as the dog walker. Experiences are the extra power to have to impress and seduce the employing manager for the job title. Illustrate your previous experiences in an understandable way in your cover letter. Moreover, include what you have learned, experiences, develop and improve your skills being the jog walker in past employment. Meanwhile, give a perfect example you had achieved in a past job where you got the excellent comment from the dog owner. Add why you are interested and passionate in this job post and shortly include your inspiration behind applying for this job post. At last, you must motivate the employing manager that you understand the job description and you are made for this job. Also, you believe you are able to perform perfectly in this dog walker job.

8.      Conclude the cover letter

Conclude your cover letter in a positive way. Be polite and show your gratitude towards the employing manager for giving their important time. Show your enthusiasm and interest in the further job interview. Say that employing manager is free to call you at any time while they need any additional information about candidate qualification. You can state that employing manager can contact you in email and phone number. End the cover letter with the last words “thank you” and just after thank you write sincerely and your name.

For example: sincerely

                       Your name

What characteristics stand out in a great dog walker cover letter?  

Each candidate should have a certain personality and characteristic in them if they are willing to get a job as a dog walker. The lists below are explained shortly to make you understand what qualities you should include in your cover letter to win the job:

  • Animal lover

The candidate who loves and has affection towards the dogs is the candidate the employing manager is searching for. Employing manager hire the animal lover because they know everything about the dogs. In addition, they can able to read subtle cues and anticipate the requirement of the dog.

  • Able to interact with a dog

Dog walker work is to spend their time with the dog and take the dog for a walk. During the walk, the candidate should have good interaction with the dogs as they have to spend about 8 hours with a dog. Employing manager finds the interactive skills with a dog in the candidates’ cover letter.

  • Safety to dogs

Candidates should provide safety to the dogs as they have taken the dog responsibility as a dog walker.

  • A friendly personality

A dog walker should include their friendly character in the cover letter. The employing manager mostly prefers the friendly nature dog walker because they can treat the dog as their best friends.

What skills should highlight in your dog walker cover letter?

The following are the skills that must be highlighted in your dog walker cover letter:

  • Candidate should have compassion skills in order to determine the suffering of dogs and take action immediately.
  • A dog walker should include patience qualities and Reliability skills in their dog walker cover letter
  • Applicant should include physical strength and stamina in their cover letter. Employing manager search dog walker who is strong physically because they have to walk with the number of dogs or stronger dogs. They need stamina in regard to control stronger dog during a walk
  • Punctuality with time, work and duties are very important. Every employing manager who is searching candidates for the different post wants to have punctual candidates for their organization

Dog walker cover letter Sample

Dog walker cover letter Sample

Your name
City, ZIP code
Phone number
Date: September 14, 2020


Employing a manager name
Recruitment Manager
Organization name
City, ZIP code
Phone number

                                Subject: Application for the position of a dog walker

Dear Mrs. (employing manager name),

My name is (your name). I came across your advertisement in your website and noticed a vacancy announcement for the position of a dog walker. My past job experience makes me believe that my qualification and skills perfectly match with the job specification. I have attached my resume for your review. I believe and have confidence that I will work well in this job title.

My passion and love towards the animal made me join the job as the dog walker since the 3 years. As noted in my resume, I have worked as a dog walker for 3 years. During my last job, I got a chance to improve and learn strong skills which are necessary for handling various types of dogs. I had the ability to understand the needs of breeds and that helps me to interact with them properly. My physical strength helps me to exercise and train the dog as per their needs making them healthy and happy. There are many satisfaction records in my previous job experiences where dog walker has satisfied with my work. In addition, I am able to handle more than 6 dogs which make me more confident to work as a dog walker.

Please review my resume which is attached with cover letter. I will provide you with my additional information if you want them. I hope I will get a call from you for an employment interview. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration for my dog walker cover letter even in your busy schedule.

Sincerely yours,

Your name


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