High School Teacher Resume Example

By | October 5, 2020

If you are looking for an effective way to create your resume for a high school teacher, then we are here to assist you in making your resume ideal.

A resume is the introduction of the candidate that includes all the necessary details about his work experience, education, achievements, training and skills. It is very important for the applicant because you will require this document for almost all the jobs. Therefore, it is significant to develop it in a standard format so that the hirer gets his attention towards your profile.

High School Teacher Resume Example

What is a high school teacher resume?

A resume of a high school teacher is a record of a secondary teacher demonstrating their knowledge , education, achievement, learning and abilities. This resume presents all the qualities needed for a high school teacher. It should be generated in such a way that the hirer receives all the information that he is seeking for in a resume.

What to include in a high school teacher resume?

While writing a resume, you can include the following elements which will help you to generate an effective resume:

1.      Include your professional summary

Firstly, after writing your contact information you need to provide a professional summary that will reflect your career goal. It lies below the personal details of the candidate. The summary should be written in such a way that it attracts a hirer’s attention and let him read your resume completely.

Write your education background and certifications

Secondly, you need to provide information about your qualification. It is better to highlight your educational training from where you had received, what degrees you earned, and what kind of course work you took part in. Because most teachers in high school need to be accredited in a particular subject field, you need to include it in your resume as well. Also, mention the dates of each certification you had received.


2.      Highlight your teaching experience


Next, after including your educational background write about your teaching experience. This section will let the hirer to know about your understanding in teaching and capabilities as a high school teacher. List your work experiences in the reverse-chronological order, starting from your recent work position first, and also add some duties and achievements carried on.

For instance, Educator of Social Science and Economics, Gilbert Classical Academy, Arizona, US 2018-2020.

Worked with students creating a friendly environment with various learning needs and monitored their progress and performance.


3.      Showcase special recognition and honor

After writing your teaching experiences showcase your special achievements during your work period. For example, you can include about the certification you had achieved for ‘The Best Teacher of the Year’’. This section will represent your dedication towards your work. Also mention the date of the achievement starting from the recent one.

 Awarded Best Teacher Of The Year,2018.


4.      Include your teaching skills

Make the list of the specific skills you use for teaching the students. In your resume, you can insert both hard and soft abilities.

5.      List your references

You can mention the names of the past principals, vice presidents, and other educational professionals. List the references with their full name, contact number, and email address.

Therefore, if you include these elements in your resume it will help you to generate a resume with standard format. Since perfection in developing an ideal resume leads you to achieve your targeted goal, it is necessary to create a standard resume.

High School Teacher Resume Sample

Hight School Teacher Resume Example

Name of the applicant
Birth Date


Professional Summary

To develop professional skills for student development and obtain a position in special education that will offer endless opportunities for career growth.




  • University of California

Bachelor in Arts in Secondary Education

Graduated in 2015.


  • Gilbert Classical Academy

Higher School Certificate

Graduated in 1996



Work Experience

  • Working as a High School English teacher in Joseph International School (2018-present)


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare lesson plans and guide students for improving their English reading and writing skills.
  • Organizing interactive classes and providing exams and exercises for students.
  • Monitoring the students’ performance and encouraging them for further progress.
  • Engage in extra curriculum activities.
  • Teach students using project based learning and other materials to provide instructions.


  • Worked as a English Teacher in Stanford International School(2015-2018)


  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Technical skills
  • Teaching skills
  • Motivational
  • Enthusiastic and respectful
  • Dedication and professionalism


  • Rewarded as ‘The Best Of The Year”2016




Ms. Lisa Lopez
Joseph International School

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