How to write junior java developer resume and Sample

By | August 4, 2020

The junior developer also faces many challenges while getting the job as they are new and have no experience in this career field. So they need to make an appropriate junior java developer resume and curriculum vitae to get a job in the reputed organization.          

Simply, to define the java, it is one of the most popular technology. Java consists of different software platforms and programming languages. To look into the history of technology, java is developed by the Sun Microsystems.

Java was made with the help of a java compiler, which further turns codes into the java byte code. It is mainly used by many operating systems to create the application for the different user. Java is the application which is used worldwide by the different java developer. A different multinational organization like Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Flipkart, uses the java that focused on class-based, object-oriented, and concurrent.

Junior Java developer is the individual who has excellent knowledge about java programming languages and software. Java developers are interchanged with programming java according to the organizations.

junior java developer resume

The following are some of the major roles and responsibility of the java developer:


  • To design, develop, implement and maintain the different processes of the java application and software.
  • To helps the other employer when it comes to the java application and software.
  • To conduct and analyze all the activities which are related to the java application, programming, testing and debugging.
  • To determine the problem created while producing the application and software.
  • To guide the user on operating the new application and software.
  • To establish user friendly websites for sharing the ideas.
  • To suggest any changes in the well developed java application and software.
  • To establish code application that should be well designed, testable and efficient.


Only holding the degree is not enough for the individual to become a java developer but they must have the following skills:


  • Technical skills like computer skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Perseverance
  • Management skills
  • Resilience
  • Decision making skills
  • Problem solving skills


Junior Java developer is the entry-level java developer who had just graduated from the university and join the organizations for the first time. Junior java developers are supervised by the senior java developer because they are new to the java developer’s job with less practical knowledge about the coding, program languages, application, and software.

Java developer works in the different types of the organization like large, medium, and small collaborating with the web designer, software engineer, and so on.

The java developer’s leading role is to design, implement, develop, and manage Java applications and software. To become a java developer, individuals have to get a degree in computer sciences and should have skills in computer programming languages.

Job experiences are important to get a job, but that does not mean junior has no chances. They can win the competition by preparing the perfect junior java developer resume. The list below represents the advantages of the junior java developer resume:


  • It helps the junior java developer to get a job.
  • It gives chance for junior java developer to show their educational skills, qualification and additional skills in front of the hiring manager.
  • It helps junior java developer to prove their eligibility for the post of java developer.
  • It helps to draw the attention of the hiring manager towards your skills and qualification.
  • It helps to make you unique and worthy from the other usual candidates.
  • It helps to match your skills and qualification with the vacant post of junior java developer.
  • It makes you eligible for the further interview process.


How to write a junior java developer resume

Resume is the most essential document which is necessary for the entire individuals who are searching for the job. The resume contains the important information like candidates academic qualification, experiences and skills making them eligible and qualified for the vacant position.

Junior java has to prepare the good junior java developer resume to make them perfectly fit for the junior java developer position. Many java developer organizations want to hire the experience senior java developer and that truth makes you insecure about getting the job.

They need experience java developer because senior java developer can operate the computer programming application and software smoothly and efficiently. However, you have chances to win the job against the senior java developer if you write the junior java developer resume in the clear, concise and organized manner. The following are the method to write a resume for the junior java developer:


Junior java developer contact Information


  • The first and foremost steps of the junior java developer resume are to include the personal and contact information.
  • It is most common and necessary steps and junior java developer should include the correct information without any error.
  • Many of them make mistake in this step giving more focus to the content of the junior java developer resume.
  • If you write the wrong contact information then the hiring manager cannot reach you out even you are selected for the vacant post of the junior java developer.
  • Contact information of the junior java developer resume contain candidate full name, email address, telephone number, address, LinkedIn Profile and so on.
  • Only include relevant contact information on junior java developer resume and avoid unnecessary contact information like age, date of birth, and another email and phone number which makes them confused.
  • For example:

First name and last name

Email address

Telephone number


  • Candidate can also include any relevant optional information like job title, LinkedIn URL, website blog and personal blog.
  • For example:

Job title


Social media

Blog or website

  • Candidate should recheck their contact information once to avoid error and to avoid regression later on for not checking it.


Junior java developer resume Summary and Objective

  • This is the second step which helps you to impress the hiring manager through your career objective and summary.
  • Junior java developer resume summary and objectives should be strong enough to hold the attention of the hiring manager from the resume of other candidates.
  • Hiring manager only spend 6 to 10 seconds on your resume if he not found anything interesting on your resume summary or objective.
  • Hiring manager mainly focuses in this steps and his/her decision depends on junior java developer resume summary and objective.
  • This steps consists of the phase that is explained below:



  • It is likewise known as with the name of the qualification summary and experience summary.
  • A bullet point of resume summary seems clear and comfortable that makes hiring manager easy to view and scan your resume summary or you may also make 2 to 3 sentences about your career summary.
  • Junior java developer resume summary portion is mainly written by the junior java developer who had previous working experiences in the java operating organization.
  • In this portion, you should include your past experiences, achievement and accomplishment that you have gained in your career history.
  • Try to include relevant experience and achievements that will benefit the organization afterward.



  • Objective with inside the junior java developer resume reflects the goals, target and aims of the junior java developer. A junior java developer resume objective portion is mainly written by the junior java developer who is new graduates, career changer, and has no job any experiences.
  • If you don’t have any previous job experiences, highlight your transferable skills in your resume which is relevant for the vacant post of junior java developer.
  • In this portion, include your short description about your educational background, your motivation, interest and passionate towards the java developer position, your desirable achievements and contribution for the organization, and strong practical and theoretical skills which will relevant skill for the post of junior java developer. 


Highlight your work Experience and your achievements in your previous job

  • Work experience is the greater portion which can make you eligibility for the post.
  • This is the portion where you reflects your worthiness by the past experiences, achievement and responsibilities.
  • This part provides hiring manager with further detail information about your qualifications summary or career objective.
  • Junior java developer includes their previous experiences which matches the job description of the recent vacant post.
  • Candidate needs to make the list of the skills and experiences that you had gained from the previous job which has higher chances to make good contribution for the vacant position of the junior java developer.
  • Make a new heading for each company from where you had gained experiences including the organization’s name, city and state, your title, and the duration of work.
  • Make a 3 to 5 bullet point of your roles, responsibility and achievement for each experience.
  • Junior java developer should focus on their programming experience and professional development showing that you are familiar with web development, framework tools that company uses.
  • State your tech and software skills that you have experiences and gained from the previous job.




  • Hiring manager prefer to hire the junior java developer candidate who had the educational certificate in the computer sciences or who had taken the training for the junior java developer.
  • Education plays the great role as every kinds of professional need to include their educational level in their resume.
  • It is the most common steps and everyone knows the importance of educational certificates in their resume.
  • State your educational background and state if you had taken any training for the post of the junior java developer.
  • The following things should be mentioned in the resume about the education

                Program Name

                University Name

                Years Attended

                Year of graduation

                Location of the university

                (Optional) GPA

                (Optional) Academic achievements

               (Optional) Minor



  • Great educational background is not enough to make the eligible for the post of junior java developer.
  • Quality skills pay off to make you deserving candidate for the post of junior java developer.
  • Hiring manager usually hire the one who had the technical skills and soft skills through which they can work productively in the organization.
  • There are mainly two types of skills and they are professional skills and soft skills both are very essential to work effectively.
  • State your skills being honest with them and don’t state the skills you are not capable of.
  • Some of the skills of junior java developer include professionalism, understanding skills, communication skills, curiosity and skills in programming language and software.


Optional Sections – Languages, Hobbies, certificate etc.


  • Junior java developer may include optional section in their resume but it is not the compulsion.
  • The following are the things you can include in your resume as an optional section

Language: native, fluent, proficient, intermediate and basic

Hobbies and interest: list your hobbies which contain some skills which will benefit the company.

Certificates and awards: experiences certificate or any awards rewarded from the previous job.

 Volunteer: state the volunteer work you have engaged in your spare time that impresses the hiring manager for being     devoted.  


Important section of a junior java developer resume


Junior java developer should make the resume short and brief with relevant information. There is some of the important section of a junior java developer resume that is needed to be preparing well to get selected in the job.

The junior java developers have to give more time to the important section of resume because hiring manager decision highly depends on it. The following are the explanation of the important section of a junior java developer resume that should not be neglect:


Professional summary


  • Professional summary is the first and foremost important section in the junior java developer resume.
  • It is important because it contains your past experiences, achievement which helps to draw the attention of hiring manager.
  • For the post of junior java developer, technical experience is most important so highlight your technical experiences in the resume.
  • Verify your experiences and include your relevant experiences in the resume according to the needs of the organization for the post of junior java developer.
  • For example:


Professional summary: junior java developer with more than 2 years of software development experience in the analysis, development, design, testing, Management, and implement of the enterprise application using various methodologies like civil server architecture environment, we technologies and distributes technologies.

Experience in using programming applications like JavaScript,   java server page, and web technologies.



  • Skills are also very important factor which should include in the resume.
  • Skills make you capable of performing any of the work smoothly in the organization.
  • Hiring manager also look after the skills that the candidate holds before selecting the candidate for the post of the junior java developer post.
  • The following are the skills that the junior java developer should mention in their resume:


Technical skills

Soft skills

Application skills

Communication and good social skills

Web development skills

Problem solving skills

Java related web services

Teamwork and leadership skills

Object oriented analysis and design

Time management skills

Data structures and collection

Honest, curiosity, understanding

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ORM, SQL 


Service oriented architecture

Passionate, interested and desire to learn


Work History


  • Work experience is important component in the resume.
  • Hiring manager pay attention in the work experience as to get the experienced candidate which makes great contribute in their organization with their experienced skills.
  • The following are some of the work experiences of the junior java candidates
  • analyzed and developed excellent Java skills
  • participated in meeting with the highly skilled and experienced team
  • Utilized depth knowledge to solve the challenging tasks involving the recent technologies.
  • Involved in the professional Java development skills including designing, testing, implement, and maintaining the programming languages application.
  • Demonstrate and coordinate all service management activities.
  • Participated in coding activities and architecture enhancements.
  • Solved technological crises that increase during software and programming languages development.
  • Developed new software and maintain existing applications.




  • Education is very important in every aspect of our life and same goes for the resume too.
  • Education is inevitable parts while writing the junior java developer resume and should give more priority than other.
  • Without education on the specific profession, you are not going to get a single job.
  • Junior java developer needs to mention their education, university name, graduate years, durations of the education program and so on.
  • The following are the way to include your educational history in the junior java developer resume:

 Candidate Program Name: high school diploma in web design

                Candidate University Name

                Candidate Years Attended

                Candidate Year of graduation

                Candidate university location

                Candidate (Optional) GPA

                Candidate (Optional) Academic achievements




  • Accomplishment is also one of the necessary factors that should be included in the junior java developer resume.
  • Accomplishment for the junior java developer is the something that junior java developer achieved by using their technical skills and soft skills in their previous work places which benefited the organization successfully.
  • Accomplishment is simply the action taken by the junior java developer with the help of their skills to get a quantifiable result for the welfare of the organization.
  • The following are the achievement of the junior java developer which must include in junior java developer resume:
  • Successfully utilized technical skills and knowledge to solve the application problems which helps in effective running of the organization.
  • Developed or implement Java programming languages by designing, testing and implement by using different methodologies which makes easy access for the customer.
  • Save time as well as money for the organization by reorganizing the programming languages which often causing some error and trouble.



  • Certification is also one of the requirements of the junior java developer resume.
  • Certification impresses the hiring manager by showing candidates education, expertise and skills which matches for the vacant position of junior java developer.
  • Certification helps the junior java developer to reflect their skills and knowledge related to the Java Programming language.
  • Certification gives prove to the hiring manager those candidates are able to develop software using Java and eligible for the post.
  • The following are some of the important certificate that must include in the junior java developer resume:
  • certification in Mandatory java
  • certification in Java foundations junior associate
  • certification in Oracle professional java programmer


Sample of junior java developer resume


Sample of junior java developer resume

Candidate First name and last name

Candidate Email address

Candidate Telephone number

Candidate Location


Junior java developer




Goal oriented junior java developer with over 2 year of IT experience in java programmer analyst, software development, JUnit, java support, testing, design, implement, integration and maintenance of application. Strong experience of designing, developing, maintaining java software application with Java, JNDI, JDBC, RMI, XMI, EJB, JSP, Annotations, web services, CSS, java script, SOAP able to work effectively as part of a professional computer program development team.


Experience   Candidate Company’s name

                       City and state

                       Your title

 Dates of employment


  • Developed and designed web application with the help of various tools and technologies.
  • Collaborated with the team in architecture enhancement.
  • Participated and tested application coding activities.
  • Involved in designing, testing, implementing, maintaining, and architecting the java programming languages and software.
  • Analyzed the issue in the software application and solved the issues.
  • Designed and implement the software system and data transformation process.
  • Implemented application using HTML, JNDI,JSP, JDBC, servlets, RMI, XMI, EJB
  • Coordinated and guided other junior java developer by the strong debugging and analytical skills.


Education    Applicant University Name

                      Applicant Attended years

                      Applicant graduation Year

                      Applicant Location of the university

                      Applicant (Optional) GPA

                      Bachelor degree in computer sciences

                      Bachelor in software engineering




  • Application skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • JavaScript
  • Professionalism
  • Web services and development skills
  • Spring MVC
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • leadership skills

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