Should a Resume be Double Sided or Single?

To discuss a resume in a simple term, a resume is a formal document prepared by the individual, including their skills, qualification, achievements, and experience in her career history. Should a resume be double sided is the question which each candidate is wondering while writing the resume. Everyone end with writing the resume because an individual has to… Read More »

Best Cover Letter Examples for University Typist

Writting best cover letter examples for university typist. The meaning of the typist is the person who is responsible for completing typing tasks, editing work, and audio transcripts. Typist is the occupation in which individuals creates electronic or hard-copy typed documents from the audio transcript or voice recorder according to the need of the organization. Typist uses their… Read More »

How to write a cover letter for a fresher

How to write a cover letter for a fresher? To define the cover letter, it is merely the single-page letter or document that summarizes any skills, qualifications, experience, or other information related to the position you’re applying for. Cover letter for fresher is the brief introduction of the individuals’ qualifications, skills, and additional relevant information about the profession… Read More »

Digital Marketing interview Questions and Answers

Digital marketing interview questions and answers for fresher and experienced candidates.  Globally, digital marketing has taken great space in this evolving world. In this growing and advanced society, everything has become digital, growing the opportunities for youth to work in digital marketing. Increasing the demand of consumers, eventually seek the new employer who will be able to contribute… Read More »

Professional Development Plan for Counselors

In simple terms, A Professional Development Plan for counselors (PDP) is the actionable steps taken by individuals for fulfilling your career goals. Also, you can said it professional Individual Development Plan and a career development plan and Development Plan for an employee. The primary aim of the professional development plan for counselors is to take action to meet… Read More »