Production assistant cover letter Writing Guide and Sample

By | September 14, 2020

Film industries have been able to make a good image and reputation, which makes the individual join the film areas. On the other hand, many of us are attracted to the film industries because it has greater scope and provides enough salary to a worker. You have decided to go to the film, television, radio, and news media area or field after school. You better pick the production assistant career as it is an entry-level profession to start a career in film fields. After completing a bachelor’s degree in the film studio, you wonder about hunting employment in the reputed film industries. But you need the production assistant cover letter to win the employing director’s attention.

Production assistant cover letter 

You are interested as well as passionate about working as a production assistant in film industries rather than another technical field. In addition, the production assistant is named as PA in the film areas. To clarify the production assistant’s meaning, a production assistant is the crew member for a film or television production. Furthermore, the production manager must understand their role and responsibilities in order to write the perfect cover letter.

Lists below are the role and responsibilities of the production assistant which must be defined in a cover letter.

  • Arrange the overall requirement of the sets like equipment, props, lights
  • Work with production manager in managing, organizing, planning, scheduling and production associated work
  • Help the manager, camera man, designer, actor and related crew member
  • Take care of the daily paperwork as well as print and distribute the script, schedule, call sheet etc.
  • Endure the operation as per the schedule and manage the time accordingly
  • Contact the crew members whenever needed as well as pass them important messages from the production manager

How to write a production assistant cover letter step by step?                         

People are craved to work in the film and television industries because film industries succeed to make a massive development. Each one of the production managers is searching for the solution to win employment in the film industries. Everyone has started to prepare the effective cover letter in a hope of getting employment in the film organization. If you are the production assistant then you must make the unique cover letter to defect another competitor. Understand your additional qualities which are beyond employing director expectation which help them to hire you for production assistant position.

A cover letter is a formal document containing educational and career qualities of the candidate along with resume or curriculum vitae. An application letter is the chances of the candidate to prove themselves and compete with the other applicants. The cover letter reflects the potential of the production assistant and his/her capacity to contribute towards the film organization. The best way to write the cover letter are enlisted and explained below in an understandable way:

1.      Pick the production assistant application letter format

Whenever you decide to prepare the application letter then you must choose the production assistant cover letter format. Formatting your cover letter is very important and the first steps in writing the cover letter. Picking the correct format gives you the first chances to impress the employing director. You lose the attention of employing director and might lose job opportunities if you choose the incorrect cover letter format. Moreover, cover letter format also determines candidates ability to put the relevant information in the cover letter incorrect order.

Selecting the correct cover letter format helps to employ the director to go through candidates’ cover letter easily and comfortably. If you have no idea about formatting the cover letter then go with Google to understand the formatting. Meanwhile, you should focus on font size, letter spacing, and hardcover letter or email cover letter. About 12 font sizes is a good choice while writing a professional cover letter. Formatting candidates’ cover letter may differ from the emailing cover letter with the hard copy cover letter.

2.      Collect information about organization and job specification

Firstly, you need to gather some significant information about the company before writing the production assistant cover letter. Allocate your time to research about the film industries on their website or blog post. Most importantly gather some detail about film industries culture, policy, goals, mission and working environment. With the help of that information, you get chances to be familiar with the film industry background. At the same time, you also understand what types of production assistant they are hoping to employ in the film industry. In addition, search for job specification to know what types of role and responsibilities are they expecting from the production assistant. This job specification information helps you to notice whether you are a right and a fitted candidate or not for that film industry.

3.      List your contact detail in the covering letter

Firstly, the production assistant cover letter starts with the contact details. At the top of the production, an assistant cover letter is a place for the candidate’s contact details. Contact details are written in the cover letter to answer employing director question like who is sending a cover letter and from where. Likewise, contact details also cover the phone number of candidates including email at last. Contact information seems to have importance as it helps to employ the director to contact a candidate if they got selected for the further hiring process.

For example Your name


                        City, ZIP code 



4.      Places the data

After the contact detail, the candidate needs to place the date in the cover letter. You can include the date when you had submitted the cover letter to the employing director. Every day, the employing director gets the production assistant cover letter after they had made the vacancy announcement. So that date helps the employing director to differentiate the latest cover letter with the outdated production assistant cover letter. If the date was missing then employing director understand you have poor attention during writing the cover letter. Meanwhile, it makes the cover letter more formal and professional.

For instance: Sunday, September 13, 2020


5.      Film industry information in the cover letter

Candidates had already researched about the film industry. Also, production assistant cover letter should contain the employing director name and his/her job title. Firstly, you should determine employing director who is assigned to scan the right applicant and hire an applicant for the film industry. This part of the cover letter also contains film industry name and its address.

For example Name of the hiring manager

                        Job title

                        Company name


                        City, ZIP code


6.      Greeting or salutation

Suddenly starting the production assistant cover letter seems to be a bit unusual and disrespect to the employing director. As it is the professional cover letter, a greeting is the best way to begin the cover letter. In addition, salutation makes the cover letter more formal and professional. The most common greeting used by the dominant number of a production assistant is dear. The employing director name is followed after the dear salutation. 

For instance: Dear Mrs. employing director name

                        Dear employing director (in case you are unknown about the employing director name)


7.      Introductory paragraph

Start the introductory part by giving a brief introduction about yourself. Production assistant should state their name and their educational background like college name, major course, score in examination etc. Production assistant can also include the way they know about the vacancy advertisement. Introduction paragraph runs the cover letter smoothly and formally.  Talk about the vacant job position you are applying for. An introductory paragraph is the best place to show your interest and passion in the job title in the film industries. Your first introduction paragraph should be the one which has the power to draw the attention of the employing director. At last, say that you believe your aptitude and qualification are quiet enough to fulfil job description of the production assistant position.

8.      State skills and qualification that is relevant for the production assistant position

This body paragraph is the only one the employing director prefers to take the decision for the further selection process. So production assistant should write this paragraph properly and effectively. In this paragraph, the candidate is responsible to place their relevant qualification which supports the production assistant position. You have already gone through the job description that the company is searching for. Therefore, you should include the qualification and experiences which is recommended and suitable for the vacant job title. You must make the employing director trust in you that you are the best candidate by explaining your accomplishment in the previous job.  Only saying you have experiences, qualification and skills are not going to work out. So that you need to give the relevant and reliable examples which provide a clear vision of your capacity and quality.


9.      Mention how this organization is fit for you in the production assistant cover letter

At the final part of the production assistant cover letter, give the appropriate reason behind applying in this organization. Candidate applies in this organization because of the attractive salary is the worst answer ever. So give some time to yourself to write the good and valuable reasons which ultimately impress the employing director. You must write that the organization goal is to come to be the same as your career goal while reviewing the company websites. You might say that organization provide a great working environment for employers which inspired you to apply job in the company.


10. End the production assistant cover letter

While ending the cover letter, be thankful towards the employing director. Thanks to the employing director because they had allocated their valuable time although they have a busy schedule in their career. This thanking process makes them happy for a certain time because of candidates’ appreciation. Also, ask them to have a job meeting for further information. Meanwhile, include that you will follow up the result of the cover letter and contact them timely. Finally, end the cover letter with “thank you” following with your sincerely and your name.

For example: sincerely

          Your name


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Production assistant cover letter Sample  

Production assistant cover letter Sample

Your name
City, ZIP code
Phone number
Date: September 13, 2020


Employing a director name
Recruitment Manager
Organization name
Phone number

                                Subject: Application for the position of production assistant

Dear Mrs. (hiring manager name),

My name is (your name). I reviewed the advertisement on your website and noticed a vacancy announcement for the position of a production assistant. My previous work experiences make me believe that my qualification and aptitude perfectly match with the job description. I would like to provide a short description of my career experience for your consideration.

My bachelor degree graduation in the film-related field was from the (name of university) with a good score (GPA). After that, my bachelor degree gave me employment in the (organization name). I assist the production manager with the decision in choosing the films for the production. After the research, I choose the one film which has a higher chance to have an excellent result and it got good result as I preferred. Meanwhile, I respond the email, call and handle the desk activities.  Furthermore, successfully able to take care of the daily paperwork like schedule, call sheet and script. When I have to pass the important messages to the crew member from the production manager, I worked fast and effectively.

The following are some of my skills and qualities which play a vital role in the organization:

  • Excellent communication
  • Technical
  • Adaptability
  • Decision making

Please view my resume which is attached with cover letter. I am waiting to give me additional information and hoping to get a call for an employment interview. Thank you for considering cover letter even in your busy schedule.

Sincerely yours,

Your name

(Signature) assistant

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