How to Design a Professional Portfolio Cover Page Template?

By | July 1, 2020

The professional portfolio cover page template is an organized type of collection of our best work for showcasing our abilities, skills, and accomplishments. We can include our professional goals and objectives, skills, experience, achievements, interests, and achievements.

By any chance, if you feel like portfolios are the same as the resume or cv. Then you might be wrong here because collection provides us with the information that is more precisely what we will need for edging out from the competition.

If the portfolio cover page is well-written, then it can act as a golden ticket for getting a promising interview for the job. The portfolio cover letter must refresh two things which are :


– Why we are more capable than the other candidates who are applying for the same position.

– How we can meet all the requirements and the perspective of the employer.


If you are writing a professional portfolio cover letter, then you must make sure that the cover letter is not longer than three or four of the short paragraph.  If the portfolio cover letter is longer than that, then it will make the cover letter look clingy.

The cover letter will dictate which position you are going to apply in the company. A well-written portfolio cover letter will make it quite more comfortable for the recruiter to access you and know about your personality.

Then after mentioning your personal information and your skills, you will have to close your portfolio cover letter. For the closing of the cover letter, we must use the tight end so that it will seal the deal. At last, you should try to add a sentiment for them to contact you further.

What is Professional Portfolio Cover Page Template

What is Professional Portfolio Cover Page?

For our portfolio, the portfolio cover page is the first or the top page. This portfolio cover page will give an idea to the recruiter about what they are going to find inside of our portfolio. As it provides our first impression to the recruiter so we must design our collection is in a well-designed manner. If our cover page is well designed. And eventually, it will make them view the rest of our portfolio.

The job of our portfolio is to showcase our abilities and skills in our field. So this can help the hiring manager to decide whether we are the perfect fit for the company and the job or not. So or portfolio cover page needs to compel the recruiter so that they will want to see more of our works.

If we will have a better understanding of designing the portfolio cover page, then it is going to increase our chances of making a lasting impression on the recruiter for the job.

It entirely depends on which company and which type of company, as well as which job we are applying. Depending on that case, the recruiter may require submitting an online portfolio or a tangible of our work.

We must include the cover page of the portfolio along with the content of the cover page of the collection. What this cover page does is it will give a rough idea to the recruiter about their expection when they are reading our portfolio. So we must try to make it more impactful and attractive so that the recruiter will go through our collection. And this will increase of chance of getting selected for the application.

How Can We Design Portfolio Cover Page?

For designing the portfolio cover page, there are lot of templates in the word processing program that we can use. If we create our portfolio cover page, then we can present our personality, and our skills are much better ways to the recruiter. We must keep in mind one thing that is writing a cover page can be an excellent opportunity for us so that we can showcase our overall aesthetic and creativity to the recruiter.

 Various steps involved in creating a cover page of the portfolio are below:

-Opening a blank document:

We can open a blank document in a word processing program like design software such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft word for creating our cover page of the portfolio.

-Creating a design for the portfolio:

The next step is creating or selecting the design that will complement the job we are applying for and for accurately representing the contents of our portfolio.

If by any means we are designing the software:

We must consider utilizing the program for creating an impactful design for showcasing our unique skills. This design can also be necessary for designing the application for continuing with the nest step for including the text element of our cover page.

If we are using any sorts of the template in portfolio cover page:

So if we are planning to highlight our project rather than highlighting ourselves, then we must move on to using a template. Because we add graphics and colors which are kind of diverting.

Colors and the fonts:

It is essential for focusing on the fonts and colors that we are going to use. We must choose fonts which are easy to use. We should decide on a better tone and easy to read font size.

Image and graphics :

Try not to use the image and graphics, which can make our cover page distracting.

-Typing about our introductory information and our title:


For creating a cover page of a portfolio, tips that we should keep in mind:

Advice that we must consider while we are designing the portfolio cover page are below. Some tips to creating professional portfolio cover page:

– Portfolio cover page should show our personality:

We must try to showcase our personality in a better way when we are trying to design the portfolio cover page. The portfolio cover page will make the recruiter decide whether we are the perfect fit for the company or not, and we will be able to fit in the company culture. For this, we should consider the fonts and colours while designing a cover page for giving a positive impression of our personality to the recruiter.

 –  We must keep in mind about the company and the job we are applying for in the cover page:

Apart from reflecting on our skills and personality, we should try to mirror those skills and character which the recruiter and the company want from the employee. We must try to highlight those parts which the employees wish to see from us. This scheme will make the portfolio cover page much and more impactful than it can be we only our skills.

– Being consistent :

Our portfolio cover page should be well-formatted, steady, and organized; it is a significant factor. We must stick with the color theme that we have selected rather than changing it again and again. This scheme will make the portfolio cover page look more cohesive overall.

– we must try to keep our portfolio over page simple :

Well, while designing our portfolio cover page, we should not attach all our creatively on that one page by overdoing everything. We should not select the designs and layouts which are complicating our portfolio cover page. We must be using only some of the thumbnails on our cover page instead of writing everything.

When we use the template for our portfolio cover page:

If you are going to use a template for a portfolio cover page instead of designing everything on your own, then you will come across so many of the benefits. It is easy to customize the template. The template will save our energy and time. It becomes quite natural for us to insert the information in the portfolio cover page.

There is a function pf mentioning all the required details in the portfolio cover page, so there is less chance for us to miss any vital information. It’s evident that a professional look, so our portfolio cover page will make it look more attractive to the employer.  And it will also mention all the requirements that recruiters search for as it fulfills the recruiter’s need.

The template for the portfolio cover page will simplify the process and aids and can act as the marketing tool for promoting the individual.

 Some samples for templates are below:

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