How to Describe Shadowing Experience on Resume

By | August 1, 2020

After going towards the shadowing experience on Resume, let’s get some concept about shadowing and shadowing experience. In a simple word, shadowing is the informal way of observing and following someone closely to learn something from them.

Shadowing experience is one of the important ways of enhancing an individual’s career development, leadership development, and job learning by engaging in particular work in a specific organization. Shadowing experience is also known as the job shadowing and work shadowing. 

In Job shadowing, individuals are interested about the job role in that specific position and follow the professional to learn different job responsibilities and activity which should perform by learner if they got the same position in the organization.

New entry employers or junior employers mainly prefer the shadowing experience as they don’t have any job experience and new to the job environment.

Junior employer understands the job role properly by spending time with the professional and being in their shoes. Shadowing experience is also for the lateral hire that is going to the new organization with their unfamiliar or new role.

Shadowing Experience on Resume

The main target of the shadowing experience is to provide new job training, career development, leadership development, developing expertise to become familiar and comfortable with the targeted job. There are different types of job shadowing, and some of them are listed below:

  • Observation
  • Active involvement
  • Regular briefings
  • Hands-on

Important of shadowing experience on Resume

The following are the importance of the shadowing experience, which helps the individual with the job experience:

  • It helps a person to ask a question to the professional about their career experiences, education, any regrets choosing this career, and ask for a guide for a better experience in the coming future.
  • Helps personnel to observe their way of handling the responsibility and performing the job in a specific position.
  • It not only helps in observing but also allowed an individual to do some simple task and get some experiences from that work
  • It makes individual quiet confident and comfortable to perform the job in a similar profession.
  • Makes a person eligible with the help of the shadowing experiences to work in the same professional in the coming job career.
  • It helps individuals to develop their additional skills like communication skills, observation skills and so on.
  • It gives chances to the individual to get a job offer from the same organization from where they got the shadowing experience earlier.

Methods to prepare you while getting shadowing experience

The individual should prepare themselves before going to take shadowing experiences. The following lists are some of the methods to prepare you while getting shadowing experience from the expertise professional:

  • You should make some schedule about when you will go for the shadowing experience.
  • You need to do some research about the organization and the person with whom you will be shadowing.
  • Take some notebooks to note the important information you learned in your whole shadowing period.
  • You need to make a question to ask the professional about the job, job responsibility, and experience to take the advice from professional expertise.


Shadowing experiences are precious for the individual as it proves that you experienced the working places and understand the role and responsibility required for the specific positions.

Job Shadowing has no limited period of time. You can take longer your shadowing period as per as your needs or until you realize that you are ready and capable of this profession.

It is more favourable for those candidates who are just graduates from college with no experience. Shadowing experiences helps individuals to get a job even for a competitive position.

The hiring manager may find you fit for the post if you have shadowing experiences. They don’t need to allocate their time teaching you about your roles and responsibility in this position because you already learned it from your shadowing experiences.

Hiring manager feels easy to hire you as you have got some ideas about the job and how it’s going to works. Shadowing experience has a greater role in the selection for the job as it shows your eligibility and your ability to contribute to the organization. 

How to add shadowing on Resume

A resume is an informal document that individuals prepare when applying for the job, including their skills, qualifications, experiences, and so on. A person who has experienced has more chances to get a job in the organization.

Apart from the experiences in the previous workplace, you can also include the shadowing experiences in your Resume. Shadowing experiences is also one of the positive plus points in getting the job in the reputed organization.

An individual is not an expert to add shadowing experiences in their Resume and end up adding it in an improper manner. To impress the manager with your shadowing experience, you should have to find a proper place to put shadowing experience in your Resume.


The following are the methods to add your shadowing experience perfectly in your Resume:


1. Compose a shadowing experiences portion in the Resume

  • To include shadowing experience, you have to create a new paragraph with the title of shadowing experience.
  • Just below the title includes the organization name where you had got shadowing experience and location of the organization.
  • Try to add the exact date that when you started to go for shadowing or if you don’t remember the exact date you can also include month or year instead.
  • State the name of the person who you shadowed or if you don’t know the name research it or find out from the company website.
  • Also include your engagement department on shadowing like practical, clinical, and medical and so on.
  • No need to write your shadowing hours. 
  • For example: 


Shadowing experience on Resume

   Company name, location


  • Shadowed of the shadowed person in a department name.



2. State your responsibilities and activities while shadowing

  • This is the second important process to include shadowing in the Resume.
  • It helps you to be ahead from the other candidate so write your role and shadowing experience properly.
  • You don’t need to include the person you meet or work with while shadowing.
  • But need to place your relevant and important action which will help to decide the manager whether to select you or not.
  • Make a bullet point to include all the experience you got during the whole period of shadowing.
  • You can explain your experience like listened, observed, watched, engaged and so on.
  • Make them believe that you got a lot of experience from the expertise and can able to make great contributions in their organization.
  • For example shadowing experience in computer system design organization 
  1. I observed Mr. Name assisting the customer with the installation and operation of the software.
  2. Watched supporting the customer for a customer service training program.
  3. I learned to prepare a monthly report.

3. List some achievements

  • Only observing, watching the expert professional is not enough to get a job.
  • You should also involve in some work which you can perform by the instruction and guidance of the professor.
  • List some activities and work that you performed while shadowing, which was helpful and worthy for them.
  • List your some achievement and accomplishment that you got from the shadowing which matches the role and responsibilities that are hoping from the vacant position.
  • For example shadowing experience in a dental hospital
  • Engaged in making dental treatment plans
  • Engaged in teaching patient about the prevention of dental diseases and maintaining dental hygiene.

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Shadowing on a Resume Example

Examples: How to put shadowing experience on Resume

Shadowing experience is mainly useful for the medical professional as they have to perform much health-related risky job. However, it does not mean other professions does not involve in shadowing experience.

The individual is confused about the shadowing experience as to where should I placed my shadowing experience or how to add it to my Resume and so on. So here are some examples of the Resume which has the shadowing experience. 


Example 1:

Shadowing experience in the surgical department of the hospital for the nurses:


Shadowing experience 

Organization name, location

Date …

  • Shadowed Dr. (Name) in the surgical department.
  • Observed various clinical procedure like tube insertion, drain out, catheterization and so on
  • Analyzed the various report of the patients related to gastrointestinal disease.
  • Engaged in providing the informal health teaching to the patient about the disease related to the gastrointestinal tract and the importance to take healthy diet.
  • Discussed patient satisfaction on the treatment and new policy to make them satisfy. 


Example 2:

Shadowing experiences in the administration for the manager:


Shadowing experience

Organization name, location

Date …

  • Followed administrative manager in the administrative department.
  • Observed the planning and scheduling for the meeting and conferences.
  • Analyze the special project running in the organization.
  • Learned to develop and improve the policies and systems of the organization. 
  • Involved in collecting and storing information with the help of the filling system.

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