Should I staple my resume for a job fair?  

By | September 2, 2020

Should I staple my resume for job fair is one of trending questions asked by all of the job seeker. While attending job fair, should I staple my resume types of question always popped up in candidates mind. Before going to this question, do you know about the job fair? Let’s shortly get some idea about the job fair.  

If my resume is 2 pages should I staple it or Clips it

Job fair is the prearranged social occasion in which the employers, recruiters and the capable employee gather together. Job fair events are usually conducted at the location like a college or school auditorium. It is also sometime named as career fair. These events facilitate an environment where potential coworkers and job seeker gets chances to have a face to face conversation. Job seeker gets a perfect time to impress the employer with reflecting their resume. Meanwhile, potential employer also gives information to the job seeker about the organization and job opportunities offer by them.


Well prepared resume is necessary when job seekers are going to attend the job fair. Job seekers are aware that they should prepare resume which should be short in length and about 1 page. Later, unknowing they end up exceeding the number of page up to 2. However, job seekers are allowed to exceed their resume page up to the 2 in some cases. If candidates have more than 7 years experiences in their career history, they are allowed to prepare 2 page resume.


Now they got into the problem here. They have two pages resume and wondering should I staple my resume or not. There are various answers to this question but till now it has not definite and clear answer about the stapling resume.


If my resume is 2 pages should I staple it or Clips it

Resume is the formal document which is needed while individual are applying for the job post in certain organization. A resume is the document which reflects the entire career and candidates’ qualification history. The hiring manager gets easy to verify and hire an excellent applicant with the help of the resume.

Hiring manager prefer resume with 1 page as they have to scan many resumes which are lying on their desk. But they consider some of the resume which has 2 pages when applicants have huge experiences in their career history. Job seekers make ready their resume which has 2 pages. Now, should I staple my resume or clip it which might be better and work out. There are many discussion and debates on should I staple my resume or clip it types of questions. Some has positives answer for the staple and some has the positive answer for the clip with their own thesis.

First let’s talk about stapling the resume which is of 2 pages. Sometime stapling the resume seems reasonable. There is high possibility that resumes may fallout or lost in manager desk as there are many resume on it. Therefore, stapling the resume reduces that risk when carrying applicants resume from one place to another. Staple also gives security to your resume to avoid mismatched your resume with the other candidates resume. Stapling the resume also helps the hiring manager to flip the resume easily when they are looking your resume.

Staple Resume

Secondly, let’s talk about not stapling the resume whether it is 2 pages or 3 pages. Some of the Hiring managers gets difficulty when you staple resume because they need to scan or duplicate your resume. Hiring manager need to remove the staple before scanning the resume that reflects bad impression towards the applicants. Instead of stapling, you might go with writing your name on the top of the extra pages header of the resume. If you are more concerned about your resume then you can also include your mobile number along with your name. Meanwhile, you can also add your email address at the top of your 2 page resume.

Resume Clipping

If your resume exceeds more than 1 page, should I staple my resume or clip it is your foremost question.

Clip your resume is mainly recommend in some of the situation. Paper clip is preferable when they are demanding the photocopy or scan of your resume. Hiring manager gets flexible to remove the paper clip instead of removing the staple on your resume. Moreover, paper clip also has some of negative sites as it gets easily lost and mismatched with other candidates’ resumes. Paper clip has risk of coming off and page might get separated when moving resume from one place to another.

Should I staple my application letter to my resume?   

Cover letter is the application letter which aims to provide the detail information about candidates’ qualification, educational and career history. Cover letter is the document which is usually attached with resume while sending it to the hiring manager for job. Each candidates are anxious about the question should I staple my resume with my cover letter. Stapling cover letter with resume always depends on types of organization and hiring manager candidates are going to face with. Some of the hiring manager did not prefer staple where as some preferred staple as they have their own thesis.

Staple is recommended because it keeps the cover letter and resume together to who document belongs to. Candidate staples cover letter with resume because they are afraid to lose paper or page of cover letter or resume. As candidate did not want to take a risk they end up stapling the cover letter with resume. They staple them and hoping that it won’t create problem. But some of the hiring manager annoyed because of staple as they get stuck while scanning and coping the documents.

Now you are wondering what to do if not staple the cover letter with resume. A second option is normally the paper clip. You can use paper clip which keep the cover letter with resume together. Paper clip also recommended by organization which has policy of taking photocopy and scans of candidates resume and cover letter. But sometime the document gets mismatched as clip is delicate and can easily pulls off. 

Advantage and disadvantages of stapling your Resume 

Should I staple my resume question has a connection with the positive and negative aspects of the stapling resume. There are always positive and negative sides of the every aspects of our life. Same goes for the stapling the resume, it has also both merits and demerits of using the staple in resume. The tables below show the advantages and disadvantages of stapling the Resume: 




Staple binds, attach and join the pages of the resume

A Staple makes the scanning process of resume difficult in the computer database

Staple secured the pages of resume

Hiring manager gets difficult to remove staple and it consume their valuable time

It helps to reduces the chances of fallout and lost

Staples does not flavor with the photocopy of resume

It avoid mismatched of resume with the other applicants resumes

Staple create problem with the reference as resume is observed by other superior to hire the candidates

Hiring manager gets easy to read and flip the resume  with the help of staple

Staple might be reason for not selecting for the post by the hiring manager.


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