Social media consultant resume example

By | January 5, 2021

Social media Consultant Resume

Social media consultant resume example

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Professional Summary

Creative and production-driven with 4+years of experience as a social media consultant and successful in providing en effective advice to many reputed businesses, possess excellent communication skills and has deep knowledge of all social media channels, ability to brand management and customer engagement, identifies social issues and suggests proper solutions for the improvement. A Saint Cloud University Graduate with the aim of dedicating in the role and strong determination for achieving productive results.

Work History

Social Media Consultant
Granicus Inc.

Washington, United States

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Worked with the sales team to figure out the promotional activities of product
  • Collaborated with the management for advising necessary improvement in social channels
  • Assisted in the creation of an effective social content and analyzed social campaigns
  • Supported the writers for designing the videos and images for posting in the social sites
  • Managed multiple social accounts and participated in various social meetings

Social Media Consultant
Acme Technologies
Los Angeles, California
2018-till present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identified customer’s preference and produced the content accordingly
  • Enhanced the numbers of customers and increased the sales revenue
  • Responded to the consumer’s queries about the product
  • Provided detail information regarding the brand and features of the company’s invention
  • Made efforts for the development of the business through social sites


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Product Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Promotion
  • Value Propositions
  • ROI Calculations


Saint Cloud University
California -05/16
Bachelor’s in Digital Marketing

social media consultant resume sample

What is a social media consultant?

Generally, a consultant refers to an individual who has greater knowledge in the specific area of business and provides advice for the improvements. An employer establishes a business with the objective of gaining its targeted goals. To enhance the business activities an entrepreneur requires the support of a team involved in various departments. Similarly, a consultant is also an employee of an organization whose major responsibility is to suggest the management regarding the betterment of the company.

Moreover, a social media consultant is the one who is proficient with all the social media channels and possess deep knowledge about it. As a social media consultant, you should be expertise in enhancing the online presence of an organization in different social media platforms. Under this position, you will need to gain information about customer engagement, organizational communications and brand management.

With the help of social media, you should identify the preference of the customers about the company and find necessary areas that need improvement. Since the major source of revenue of the business enterprises are the customers, you should build a strong relationship with the existing customers and welcome newcomers.

Duties and Responsibilities of a social media consultant

Every profession has its own roles and responsibility agreed by the employer. An employee must fulfil their duty to lead a company towards success. Since the company’s performance is highly affected by the employee’s activity one should be very concerned about their responsibility. An ideal employee performs every task with every possible effort and helps in the smooth running of the organization.

Similarly, here is the list of some duties and responsibilities that a social media consultant requires carrying out daily:-

  • Identify the customer’s taste and advice the company accordingly
  • Gather possible information about the competitor’s activities
  • Promote the brand of the company through the use of social media
  • Creation and implementation of social media strategy
  • Grabbing the attention of the targeted customers through the effective and meaningful social content
  • Posting and publishing attractive contents and responding to the queries of the customers
  • Proper management and coordination with the sales team for brand promotion
  • Developing methods and techniques to analyze the social media campaign performance
  • Familiarity with the social media tools to recognize the social issues
  • Deliver possible solutions and advice to improve the company’s performance

What are the skills required to become a social media consultant?

Skills are the ability required to perform a certain job or task. An employee of an organization should be skilled enough to accomplish the assigned task. Some business industry provides on the job training too that increases the working capacity of the employee. Moreover, skilled and experienced employees are highly demanded by business companies. Today’s world is the world of technology. Everywhere there is excess use of technology to complete the work. As technology makes the work more convenient and easier the world is familiar with its utilization. Hence, emerging business firms are demanding professional involved in technology sectors. It means there is high scope of social media consultant in today’s world.

Some skills that a social media consultant should possess are listed below:-

1. Strategy and planning

The strategy is the policy and method used by the organization for its development. Likewise, planning is thinking in advance so that future uncertainty can be covered in some extent. As there is a huge role of social media consultant in promoting a business of an organization they must have ability to plan and formulate an effective business strategy. For this, they may need to do various researches but it is vital to have experience in forming proper planning and policy to attain success of business.

2. Creation and posting of content

Since the major target of the business is to enhance the number of customers a social media consultant should be capable of creating interesting and attractive content for their readers and viewers. It is also required posting meaningful and informative content that attracts the customer’s attention and allows a business to increase their sales. Moreover, a social media consultant should know the customer’s choice. For example, what kind of contents is more viewed is liked by the consumers? Etc.


3. Group building

A business needs a group of people who follows or likes the product of the company for its success. Without the presence of loyal customers, there is no existence of an organization. Hence, as a social media consultant, you should have the potentiality to build networks with the people. You should have good communication skill so that the customers can understand you and become ready to buy the product.


4.  Identifying outcomes

After the implementation of the created strategy the next effort a business has to make is analyzing the results. A social media consultant should provide all the relevant details of what efforts had been made and what result has been generated. They should have all the information so that management can take future decision from the analysis of the submitted report.

5. Copywriting

Copywriting is the mixture of both science and art. As a social media consultant of a company, you should possess copywriting skills to allow the customers for purchasing the product of the company. You should convince the buyers providing necessary details of the product and increase the sales of the industry.


6. Graphics designing

For the promotion of the company’s brand, an employer takes the support of social Medias. Since everyone is online now posting the videos and images of the products will upgrade the chance of grabbing the customer’s attention. Thus, a social media consultant should have good knowledge on graphic designing to create attractive and eye-catching content for the viewers.

7. Familiar with social media marketing tools

For leading a business to attain its objectives a social media consultant should be familiar with the marketing tools. Knowledge of social media tools allows them to reach to the targeted customers and respond to their questions and issues. Furthermore, they can also deliver proper guidelines or solutions for the issues raised with respect to the company’s goods and services.

What is the average salary of the social media consultant?

Normally, the average pay scale for the social media consultant depends on the level of job and the rules of the company. However, the average payment for social consultant ranges between $29,392 and $66,319 as per the record of the United States.

What is the scope of social media consultant at present?

With the increase in the utilization of technology, every business firm has been using technology for daily operation. They require technology in every step of their operation. The technology has become the life of the business industries. From production to the delivery of the product there is the involvement of technology. The management won’t be able to conduct meetings with the partners without technology. In summary, we can say that the world depends on technology.

Therefore, the technical sectors are rapidly rising up in the market nowadays. The entrepreneurs are seeking for talented and skilled technical workers. Due to which every business announces vacancy for the social media consultants. In the market, there is a large scope of this profession. So, if you are also an experienced consultant then you do not have to worry about your job since the employers will come to your door for recruiting you.



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