Free System Administrator Cover Letter for Resume Examples

By | July 26, 2020

Don’t take stress and tension for the job. You need to make an attractive and effective system administrator cover letter for the job vacancy for the selection. An efficient system administrator cover letter helps you to get a job in the reputed organization. The system administrator cover letter is the document that helps you reflect your qualification, skills, knowledge, and experience in the advertised field towards the hiring manager understandably.

The system administrator cover letter is the opportunity to show your capacity in the field of system administration. Show your initiation and plan while writing an effective system administrator cover letter. In system administrator, cover letters don’t forget to attach your resume.

System Administrator Cover Letter for Resume

How to write a cover letter for a system administrator job?

The system administrator cover letter is the letter written by the individual applying for the post of a system administrator to get a job in the organization. The system administrator cover letter helps you get a job by showing your qualification, knowledge, and experience to the hiring manager.

The primary purpose of the system administrator cover letter is to give the hiring manager opportunities to choose the best system administrator in their organization.

The following are the steps or ways to write a system administrator cover letter for the job:

Step 1: Research the company and review the job posting.

  • Research is essential before writing the system administrator cover letter
  • It helps to build your confidence level as being well-known about the company and vacant post.
  • Gather some important information about the company that will be helpful for you
  • Review the post of the organization as what types of system administrators they want.
  • By reviewing the vacant post, you will include your qualification as per the need of the company in the system administrator cover letter.
  • Make the productive system administrator cover letter by highlighting the key skills and qualifications that the company needs for the post of the system administrator.
  • Find out the company goals, value, culture, and protocol on their website and relate some information in your system administrator cover letter.

Step 2: List your detailed information.

  • You should place this step at the top of the document in the system administrator cover letter
  • Your system administrator cover letter begins with this step
  • You must include your detail information to make them easy to contact you whenever required
  • Your contact detail includes your full name, email address, phone number
  • For example:

Your Name


City, ZIP code




Step: 3 places the date

  • Date must be written in between your detail and the company detail
  • The date helps to know the hiring manager when you send your system administrator cover letter
  • System administrator cover letter seems more formal and profession letter when you include writing date
  • For example Saturday, June 28, 2020


Step: 4 Organisations Detail

  • After the date, fill the organization detail for more personalized and compelling
  • Make formal and professional system administrator cover letter by including hiring manager detail
  • Hiring manager detail includes name and address
  • Include detail in the correct order like hiring manager name, job title, company name, address
  • For example the name of a hiring manager

                        Job title

                        Company name


                       City, ZIP code


Step 5: Greeting or salutation

  • It is just difficult to start the system administrator cover letter, so greeting is used to start a cover letter comfortably.
  • The greeting is one of the crucial parts of the system administrator’s cover letter.
  • It helps to make the system administrator cover letter more formal and smooth.
  • One of the most commonly applied salutations is dear.
  • If you know the name of the hiring manager, then include his/her name too.
  • For example, Dear Mrs. hiring manager name or if you don’t know the name, then Dear hiring manager.


Step 6: Introduction

  • In the first paragraph of the system administrator cover letter, start with your introduction
  • Introduce yourself by your name and how you know about this vacant job
  • You can also involve your academic history like university name, GPA your score in the system administrator exam.
  • This paragraph gives you opportunities to draw the reader’s attention or to make them interested in your system administrator cover letter
  • Also, name the post you are applying for
  • Talk about the advertisement through which you got to know about the vacancy
  • Talk about the person who recommends you for this post if they have no problem
  • Say that you have all skills and qualification that the job description for and your contribution will benefit their organization

Step7: Explain about skills and qualification that is relevant for the post of a system administrator.

  • Mainly, you must focus on this step in comparing the other while writing system administrator cover letter.
  • Information about your qualification should be included in the second paragraph of your system administrator cover letter.
  • Talk about your qualification and skills that perfectly match the demand of the company.
  • If you have any experience with the previous job, then don’t forget to include it.
  • Your experience is the extra plus point for you as there are high chances of your selection
  • You should explain your role in the previous job and what is your contribution to that company
  • List your skills and knowledge, which is useful for the contribution.
  • If you don’t have the experience, don’t worry, you might be selected by making your system administrator cover letter more effective and efficient.

Step 8: Explain how this company is right for you.

  • Talk about why you crave for this organization for the post of a system administrator
  • Talk about the decisive point that makes you apply for the post of a system administrator
  • The reason may be reputed growing organization, pleasant environment for the employer and satisfy the employer
  • This organization gives chances to learn from the other employer and makes you experience with the underlying challenges
  • Say how you can continue your professional development by learning from this job


Step 9: End the system administrator cover letter

  • End the system administrator cover letter by hoping for the interview invitation
  • You can say that you are eagerly waiting for the responses
  • Thanks to the hiring manager for allocating their valuable time for your system administrator cover letter
  • End the system administrator cover letter with “thank you.”
  • At the bottom of the system administrator cover letter, mention sincerely and write your name with your signature.
  • For example: sincerely

                        Your Name

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System administrator cover letter Examples


System administrator cover letter example

System Administrator Cover Letter


Your Name


City, ZIP code

 Phone number


Date: July 28, 2020 



 hiring manager name

 Recruitment Manager

 Company name


 city, ZIP code

 Phone number



Subject: Application for the position of System Administrator 

Dear Mrs. (hiring manager name)

My Name is (your Name). I am writing this letter to apply to show my interest for the position of a system administrator. I came to know about the need for a System Administrator for your organization from the advertisement. I am eagerly waiting for this opportunity from the past week. I had the previous 1-year experience working in the reputed company in the same position. I think my qualification and skills perfectly match with the job description of the vacant post. I am very interested and passionate about the post of a system administrator and want to use my skills to grow the organization better. I would like to reflect on a summary of my experience for your consideration.

I had graduated with my bachelor’s degree in the computer information system from the (Name of university) with an excellent score (GPA). Then I join the (organization name), where I got a lot of experiences. I learned many things from my previous job, and I got a chance to supervise a team of 4 junior system administrators. I learned to handle the most challenging period in the tight schedule. I had gained the ability to maintain the different resources like hardware, software, database from the computer system and network. I had successfully managed the problem that arises in the computer system and network. I also have a great contribution to the smooth function of the computer system and helps in the smooth running of the organization. I have good knowledge of database, latest hardware, resources, server, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows operating systems. 

I have developed my skills from my previous job and made me worthy and capable for the post of a system administrator. The following are some of my extra skills which play a vital role in the organization:

  • I have good communication skills which are essential in the working place
  • I have a technical as well as management skills
  • I have Analytical skills to analyze the computer system
  • I have decision-making skills
  • I can manage my time during my working period
  • I have problem-solving skills as I can solve the problem of the computer system
  • I am passionate and interest in this profession
  • I can maintain a good interpersonal relationship with the other employer 
  • I can make others understand about the computer system
  • I love challenges and work in pressure
  • I am very attentive towards my job

Please consider my resume, which is attached to the system administrator cover letter. I am ready to give me more information if you want to, and I hope to get chances for an interview. I am eagerly waiting for your positive response. Thank you for considering my system administrator cover letter, even in your busy schedule. You can also reach me at my telephone number and email id for further information.

Sincerely yours,
Your name


System Administrator Occupation

In simple terms, System administration is the technical profession in which there are the management and configuration of software, hardware, servers or workstations, and operating system like infrastructure that are responsible for supporting user devices in the app location individual rely on to do their role. Simply, system administration is the management process of the hardware and software for the smooth, effective, and efficient system working in the day to day life. System administration is the occupation that has a connection with the computer system. System administration places the role of an individual in maintaining, monitoring, handling, and repairing the working condition or health condition of the computer system or computer services. 

Why the individual choose the system administrator occupation?

The following are the reason behind which the individual wants to join the system administration job:

  • Due to the advance technology, there is high scope in this profession
  • Reputed occupation
  • Excellent salary
  • Opportunity to gain experiences
  • Helps in career development and progression
  • Passionate in the system administration

What is the system administrator?

The system administrator is the person who is responsible for managing, handle, monitor and repair the computer system and its services like hardware, software, server, disk space, and operating system. System administrator works in a large organization with the collaboration of different IT expertise. They work in the background ensuring the health of the system resource like provides user access

Monitors, system security, perform backups, manages user accounts performs many other functions. They maintain and manage, monitor, and repair different resources of the computer system or network to avoid errors in the function of the organization. It has a great role in the smooth and effective running of the organization. In the shortcut, the system administrator is called a sysadmin, which is one of the parts of the information technology department. They have a crucial part in the organization’s development as the company highly depends on the computer system and infrastructure.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the system administrator?

The presence of the system administrator in the company is essential as they need no any problem in the computer system and operation. The duties of the system administrator depend on the computer system types, operation, and resources. The leading role is to ensure the company’s IT infrastructure is in working condition or not. The significant roles and responsibility of the system administrator are listed below:

  • To plan the computer system appropriately according to the company demand
  • To give support to the systems throughout the working time
  • To solve problems related to the computer systems and network 
  • To find out the smooth, efficient and effective work of the computer system and network 
  • To restore regular backups and perform information if necessary
  • To apply patches and updates
  • To verify and assess the important needs of the organization
  • To plan, monitor and implement security measures properly
  • To make sure that all components of the computer system are working together. 
  • To provide knowledge to each employer of the company about computer security
  • To perform light programming
  • To manage and plan projects connected to the systems
  • To train the other IT employer during working hour
  • To provide comprehend advice needed for company employees
  • To set up user accounts and retrieving information including passwords and account user names
  • To monitor and manage the storage capacity of the computer system
  • To install effective computer systems like new hardware or software 
  • To manage the computer system and networks like servers and databases properly 
  • To get desktop and computing synced to share important data with each other

The following are the skill required to be a system administration in a certain organization:

  • Educational qualification in IT Management or some Computer Science
  • minimum of three years of IT experience
  • Management skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Enthusiasm and passionate in the computer system and network
  • patience
  • Attentive towards detail
  • Decision-making skills
  • Able to make others understand easily about the technical topics
  • Ability to maintain strong interpersonal relationships with employer
  • Time management skills
  • communication skills
  • a technical and organized mind
  • work in pressure or any challenging situation
  • ability to recognize problems related computer system and network and able to solve it
  • Ability to hardwire a system and network
  • Problem-solving skills

Different System Levels of System Administrator

There are different levels of the system administrator in the organization. The types of system administrators are allocated according to their role in this profession. The following are the various types of the system administrator position:

1. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

  • Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for installs and designs whole computer systems, including local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), Internet, and intranet systems for the organization.
  • They manage and handle the computer system 
  • They analyze the performance of the computer system
  • They solve or maintain the 
  • problems created in the computer system and network 


2. Database Administrators

  • Database administrators apply database management software to set up a database for the organization
  • They came with the idea of organizing and analyzing data in the perfect manner
  • They integrate the old database into a new one
  • They develop a database from scratch
  • They monitor databases after they installed
  • They provide maintenance for the database when needed


3. Web Administrators

  • Web administrator is responsible for handling websites
  • They continuously observe and maintain the website in the organization
  • They must track the website speed
  • They approve the content for the publication 
  • They improve the website traffic
  • They manage and analyze the data of the website for the web traffic
  • They change the website according to the feedback they get by the user


4. Telecommunications Administrators

  • They are responsible for managing and monitoring the telecommunication system
  • They also design the system 
  • They install a voice, video or data communication system
  • They also test communications lines for the maintenance services 
  • They maintain and repair the damage tools in the organization

Some so many people graduated in the field of system administration from the reputed university. So individuals have to face many challenges after graduation from the university: many expertise and talented student graduates from the university in this field which makes us in trouble. As the competition increases day by day, there are fewer chances of getting a job in the system administration industry. 


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